The Twenty: Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things is back on Netflix with a new season full of more characters, more mysterious happenings and way more demo-dogs. I’m obsessed with the show and proved it on The Twenty: Stranger Things 2, and this is a collection of things I talked about there, plus some other fun stuff you need to see to enjoy.

This should go without saying, but – SPOILERS AHEAD!

Everybody’s talking about it – Season 2 even broke a huge social media record.

There are a BUNCH of new characters this year. Nerdist broke the news on the new characters first – it’s pretty funny to see what they got wrong… and what they got right!

Australian actor Dacre Montgomery talks about the movie character that inspired Billy.

And you can’t really argue with this observation:

And heres why both Billy and Max look familiar.

Were you as psyched as I was to see Sean Astin show up? Find out why they almost DIDN’T cast him!

Plus, here’s his advice for the child actors on Stranger Things (and how they felt working with him!)

I love this – Eggo has released a “pairing menu” with different Eggo recipes for each episode this season:
• Chapter 1: Eggo’s Mad Max Munchies
• Chapter 2: Trick-or-Treat Eggo Freak
• Chapter 3: Eggo’s Peanut Polliwog
• Chapter 4: Eggo’s Will the Wise
• Chapter 5: Eggo’s Dig Dug
• Chapter 6: The Eggo Spy
• Chapter 7: Eggo’s Lost Sister
• Chapter 8: The Eggo Mind Flayer
• Chapter 9: The Eggo Gate
• The Eggo Triple Decker Extravaganza, as seen in Chapter 3

If you’re looking for something a little less sweet (but way more terrifying) check out this recipe for a grilled-cheese demogorgonzola.

Back to the show – lots of fans are saying Steve got the best character development of the season.

There’s even an entire Buzzfeed list on giving Steve the praise he deserves.

Sesame Street created their own parody – “Sharing Things”.

And of course, there’s a Trump version called “Other Things”.

Or there’s this belated, but hilarious, parody of season one:

There’s an entire Twitter account dedicated to Hopper’s dad moves.

Ever wonder what the words to the Stranger Things theme might be?

Interested in checking out an orchestral performance of the Stranger Things score? It’s happening (if you don’t mind flying to London).

Did you know that several of the actors really did experience their first kiss on-screen at the Snow Ball? Millie Bobby Brown talked to Fallon about it.

So maybe you’ve noticed – Stranger Things is setting a whole new bar for online memes.

And of course, if you haven’t listened to our breakdown of the second season, check out The Twenty: Stranger Things 2 now!

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