The Twenty: Stranger Things (Spoiler Alert)

Hey, it’s Parker and if you’ve checked out my latest station, The Twenty: Stranger Things, then you’re probably as hooked on the Netflix Original Series as I am. So here’s a bunch of stuff I told you about on that station, in no specific order.

  • Like how great Dustin is.

  • I’m in love with this ridiculous sensitive rap ballad tribute to Barb.

  • Also, this impressive acoustic original, “The Vanishing of Will Byers”.

  • What’s that? You want to hear a heavy metal version of the theme song? OK.

  • Or what if the show was actually a corny 80’s sitcom?

  • Here’s a real scientist breaking down your questions about The Upside Down Place.

  • This article on Mr. Clarke and the importance of experts. (Disclaimer – I’m friends with the actor who plays Mr. Clarke and I am disproportionately proud of him.)

  • In fact, Buzzfeed thinks he might be The Most Underrated Character on the show.

  • Maybe Joyce is more your speed?

  • Do you agree with Paste Magazine’s list of The 5 Best Characters on Stranger Things?

  • There is some absolutely bonkers Stranger Things fan art out there.

  • Details behind how they brought the monster to life.

  • How about these fan theories?

  • Is it somehow related to X-Men?

  • And perhaps most importantly – is there gonna be a season 2?!?

  • Because seriously, they’d be stupid not to produce another season.

    [Edited to credit original artist, @the_oluk!]

    If you haven’t listened yet – what are you waiting for? Slacker’s The Twenty: Stranger Things is live right now… which is more than we can say for Barb.

  • Parker

    2 responses to “The Twenty: Stranger Things (Spoiler Alert)”

    1. TheOluk says:

      This is a great mistake!
      The 16-bit “insert coin” artwork, doesn’t belong to Ernesto Garratt, but is a my personal tribute…

      My Stranger Things Instagram link:
      The Instagram S.T. official regram:
      The Netflix IT official regram:

      I’m a little disappointed about this 🙁

    2. Parker Parker says:

      Sorry for the confusion! We’ve updated it to reflect that it belongs to you. As you’re probably aware, it is sometimes difficult to find the correct attributions for works online, but we’re more than happy to give credit where credit is due. Are you so psyched for season 2?!?

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