You Know You’re Having A Bad Day When You Accidentally Fly Into A Tiger Enclosure.


Dude when that crane gets to work he’s gonna definitely one-up his coworkers with this story.

“So I’m flying along and this huge gust of wind comes right…and I’m like, ‘woah where am I??’ The next thing I know I’m staring at two tigers…damn wind blew me right into the tiger enclosure. WTF. I’M SCREWED. So I figure, what have I got to lose? I spread my wings chasin’ them around yelling, ‘COME AT ME.’ I stare ’em straight in the eye and I start doin’ a couple moves I saw in a Bruce Lee flick and then they think I’m that douche, David Cross from Kung Fu Panda….Whatever. That was the turning point….now I’ve got hand and they’re asking me if I’ll get Angelina Jolie’s autograph?! So I’m like, “Surrrrre. I’ll call her when I get home.” and that’s when the zookeeper came in!! So I yell ‘SO LONG SUCKERS!’ and I got the hell out of there.”


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