The Met Gala Will Make You Appreciate The Luxury Of Sweatpants.

Poor Rihanna.  Initially you see her Met Gala gown and think, “How exquisite!”…then you start thinking about the reality. Schlepping that train around…not to mention 4 train handlers?? NOPE NOPE NOPE.

A lot of people said it looked like the yellow brick road although I thought it looked more like a fancy plane evacuation slide.

exhibit A

Then you come to find out she changed her outfit two more times that night?? Click here to see those outfits….Meanwhile you know she can’t walk anywhere because it’s literally an obstacle course of screaming fans and photographers in your face and she’s got to some how navigate in what looks to be a less than comfortable pair of shoes….Let me go ahead and strike a NOPE!

Ps – Rhi Rhi, next year you are cordially invited to join me on my couch for The F That Gala. It’ll be way more fun. Promise.


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