Thomas Dolby: Where Is He Now?

thomas_dolbyThis week at Slacker we’re celebrating all things 80′s & New Wave while our Slacker countdown, the 101 Greatest New Wave Songs cranks in the background. What can we say, we’re New Wave fans! Some folks here (like myself) would even argue it was the greatest period ever in the storied history of Rock music. The hair, the synthesizers, the androgynous edge, the elevation of punk ethos and pop excess straight into outer space- what’s not to love?!

So in the spirit of celebration, we’re taking a rewind/fast forward look at some stand out New Wave artists to get a sense of what exactly they’ve been up to since their New Wave peak and where they are now. Today: Thomas Dolby!

I got to interview the legendary musician as part of Slacker’s partnership with Moogfest, an eclectic music festival in Asheville, North Carolina back in 2012. While predominantly known for his quirky 1982 hit “She Blinded Me With Science,” Dolby’s career has taken off in multiple fascinating directions.

After releasing his fourth album Astronauts & Heretics back in 1992, Dolby took a break from recording albums and turned to the world of business and technology. His first venture was called “Headspace,” a company that developed a new file format for downloadable music. He then founded a ringtone company and even composed the now ubiquitous Nokia theme. (Listen to it here, you totally know it!)

250px-Thomas_Dolby_at_TEDIn 2001 he came on board as musical director of the TED Conference, both providing actual music for the event and booking guest speakers and entertainers. And in 2012 he filmed a documentary about the decommissioning of a lighthouse near his home in Suffolk England. One thing’s for sure: Thomas Dolby, like any true artist and innovator, is never bored!

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