Album Of The Week: ‘Tribute’ from John Newman

AOTW NEWMANAs we kick off the new year, your Slacker curators are focused on finding the best new music for 2014. Enter John Newman—he’s a soulful singer from the UK, and his vocals have been in high demand; he sang on Rudimental’s “Feel The Love” and “Not Giving In,” both of which were international hits. We introduced you to his first single “Love Me Again” last year, and it’s gone on to be a number one record in the UK and beyond. This week he releases his debut album, called Tribute. It’s an apt title, as it mixes the sound of ‘90s house music and classic soul in a very modern context, and we think that he is poised to break out in the US in 2014. John Newman’s Tribute is Slacker’s Album Of The Week.


Rudimental’s “Feel The Love”

Rudimental’s “Not Giving In”

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