Top Five Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

Posted by Rachel

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not-savagely-valentines-day-ecard-someecardsThere are plenty of reasons to be anti-Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you are newly single and the only thing getting you through the holiday are the massive discounts on chocolate come the 15th. Or maybe you are attached, but the very thought of living up to the grandiose expectations given to you with not-so-subtle hints has sent you into an panic. Maybe some of you are non-believers simply because a short guy in diapers shooting people in the heart is pretty awkward. Whatever the reason (and there are plenty) a large portion of the broken hearted, happily single, and even blissfully coupled can’t stand Valentine’s Day.

So, whether you are spending the day curled up in a fetal position crying, throwing things in anger at the opposite sex or celebrating with other singles who will happily drink the “screw love” kool-aid, there is a soundtrack of music for you. Here are a few songs to help get in the right mood for a very Anti-Valentine’s Day.

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Ben Folds Five Song for DumpedBen Folds Five, “Song for the Dumped”

This refreshingly honest breakup song by a longtime favorite band manages to blur the lines between melancholy and uplifting. The bouncy piano and hilarious lyrics expose the pissed off little kid who got his toy taken away in all of us. Listen when you are pissed. Listen when you just need to laugh.

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christina perri

Christina Perri, “Jar of Hearts”

While there are countless “you suck” songs out there marinating in weariness and anger, “Jar of Hearts” packs a punch with heavy hooks and raw emotional voice. Perri sings about going back to the past, making mistakes, and finally leaving a bad relationship in a way that feels like you are sitting with a friend who understands.

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strongerBritney Spears, “Stronger'”

Take some over-the-top synth pop that would make anyone get up and dance. Mix in fantastically cheeky lyrics that give a positive spin to a woman’s newfound independence.  Now turn up the volume and you get the anthemic tribute to post-breakup empowerment. Sing along. Smile. Lather rinse repeat.

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keith urbanKeith Urban “You’ll Think of Me”

Keith’s country pop power ballade is the perfect breakup song for healthy coping. It is sad but not weak. Angry but not aggressive. Confident but not arrogant. He is resolute as he croons, “We got nothing left to weather. In fact I’ll feel a whole lot better. But you’ll think of me, you’ll think of me…”

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Chris Issak

Chris Issak, “Wicked Game”

Sometimes you just need the cathartic release of a good cry and this beautiful song of unrequited love is the perfect soundtrack. It is sad, but not at all depressing, which is important when going through a breakup. It is ok to be sad. Crying is healthy. So put this tune on repeat, sob into your pillow, and let it all go.

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Take a look at our Slacker Radio stations for Broken Hearts and moving on Post Breakup made especially for anyone needing some help getting through this Valentine’s Day.




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