Artist of the Week Robin Thicke

Posted by Rachel

ROBIN THICKE Slacker Radio Robin Thicke announced his return to music last week- by premiering a video for his new single “Blurred Lines” that features he, T.I., and Pharrell Willams dancing with nude models. The video has been banned from YouTube, but only after racking up over 1 million views in less than a week.

If Blurred Lines is any indication, we are in for the smoothest, sexiest Robin Thicke album yet. Cyrano of the The Cataracs produced some of the sessions, and he claims that for this project, they set out to make a “Black Disco” album.

On the Artist of the Week station this week,  you’ll hear Robin Thicke’s biggest hits, new music, collaborations, and tracks from his influences and contemporaries. Robin Thicke is Slacker’s Artist Of The Week

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