AFI is the Artist of the Week

Posted by Rachel

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.33.30 AMIf you can keep a band together for one decade you’re lucky…but two decades? Why that’s outlandish! Good for AFI that was always kind of the goal.

They started in high school with a hardcore punk sound and basically took that sound and threw it in the washing machine with a load of darkness. After 20 years their live shows are still melting faces. Call it punk integrity or musical sagacity. Although having a frontman that looks like Tegan and Sara’s hot sister can’t be bad for business either.

AFI just released their 9th studio album Burials this week and this week’s Artist of the Week station includes the artists they inspired, influenced and collaborated with.

Listen to AFI on Slacker’s Artist of the Week here.

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