Never Thought You’d Get Lady Gaga, Fred Durst And Frank Sinatra In One Story, Yet Here We Are.

The newly-minted Academy Award winner surprised Fred Durst’s jazz night in Hollywood and confessed to being irresponsible before segueing into Frank Sinatra’s, “Call Me Irresponsible”

Source: Consequence Of Sound

Gaga also sang Sinatra’s signature, “Fly Me To The Moon”, telling the crowd she wouldn’t be offended if they sang along. Is it “offensive” to sing along? if so I’ve offended more people than I thought.

Yet the bigger surprise of the night? Fred Durst hosts a jazz show…….wow.

Plot Twist: Jackson Maine and Ally Reunited In Vegas To Sing Together.

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Bradley Cooper made a surpise appearance at Lady Gaga’s ENIGMA residency in Vegas to sing their “Shallow” Oscar-nominated duet from A Star Is Born

and while some of us still have a hard time believing Ally would choose a soulless pop career over love, because if we know Ally the way we know Ally, she would’ve packed up Jackson after rehab, grabbed that fluffy dog and moved to Memphis. They would live next door to Dave Chappelle, they both would be career musicians and live happily ever after…

Was the sound perfect? No. Did the guy say he’s never used in ear monitors? Yes. So look past that and focus on the fact that these two have real love for each other and the real story is arguably better than the one on screen.

Not Feelin’ The Patriots OR The Rams? How About Rooting For The San Fernando Jackalopes

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In anticipation of DirecTV’s Super Saturday Night concert, The Foo Fighters teased their performance by channeling their inner PRO with the help of Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, and Michael Strahan.

So pick your favorite player, *I call Helmut Pyle. He’s mine* and fingers/eyes crossed this will someday be a full-length feature film.

Watch The Jackalopes and Run The Jewels, Saturday February 2nd LIVE at 11 PM ET.

“Would My Friends Stay For 5 Hours?” And Other Thoughts From Chris Cornell’s Tribute Show.

You can watch Chris Cornell’s tribute show in it’s entirety at the bottom of the page.

To think this extroardinarily talented man was so beloved, his tribute show lasted FIVE hours. Who else is loved that much?? Maybe Princess Diana? Update: the first video result from a google search of her service was coincidentally 5hrs and 39min… The point is, THAT is mother-loving LOVE. That is when you know you are worshipped.

Cornell’s tribute included a 42 song setlist (Thx Loudersound for posting it) with everyone you’d expect. Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Tom Morello, Perry Ferrell, etc. and some you might not. For example, Miley Cyrus or Rita Wilson. Yep that Rita Wilson.

For the record, anyone who questions people who “deserved to be there” or didn’t? Probably wasn’t there and you know Rita Wilson sure as sh*t isn’t gonna show up at their tribute show. Are you going to be bent if Miley shows up at yours? Exactly.

Naturally, you can’t help but ponder your own mortality…

Do you think your friends would stay for a five hour tribute show?

Maybe a couple friends? I would never expect anyone to stay that long. 2hrs seems  reasonable.

If someone did organize a tribute show for you, how long should it be?

Going back to Miley Cyrus…if she showed up at my tribute show, I’d be blown away if she stayed for 30min. That’s probably 10min longer than some of my family members.

Ultimately, do you want anyone sticking around out of guilt/obligation? Me neither. Defeats the purpose.

Realistically, we might not even get a tribute show.

Yeah but then again, do we really need The Forum? Some would say Farmer Foley’s tribute show was equally as great.



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The Only People Who Could Possibly Hate On Coachella’s 2019 Lineup Are Bots.

Damn Coachella, you lookin’ good.

It’s pretty much impossible to hate on this…even have Kpop girl band BLACKPINK?! and great news for those of us who annoyed everyone in the house last year because we were hell-bent on watching Beyonce…both weekends will be live streamed on YouTube. Consequence of Sound has all the deets.

She Sang. She Danced. She Flew. She Rode A Robot. #GAGA

Lady Gaga‘s Enigma Residency has landed.

To the surprise of no one, her peak Gaga debut at The MGM Resort’s Park Theater stole hearts, melted faces and gave us new goals.

1. How we should arrive at a party at least once in our lives.

Source: W Magazine

2. Save a car, ride a robot.

3. Find a disco ball cat suit stat.

4. Go back and listen to David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans”

Source: Spin Magazine

5. Then consider clicking this link, selling your car, buying a ticket and hitchhiking to Vegas?

Besides, you’ll be riding a robot soon. xo

Click here for a full recap over at Pedestrian TV

Dear Adam Lambert, Your “Believe” Cover Should Be A Single. <3 Red

Source: Stereogum

It is this time every year The Kennedy Center Honors celebrates a group of artists and their lifetime achievements. Also this time every year? The shameful realization that there are so many talented artists in the world you’ve never even heard of…I blame blogs. Like this one :/


You can say it’s basic but Cher cried so….

Ps – Since you deserve a more intelligent/comprehensive recap please allow me to refer to Stereogum

Dear Axl, “Max And Geraldine” Would Be A Great Song Title.

Source: Loudwire

So you mean Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke aren’t living as a married couple in Newfoundland? Sadly no. Someone punked NTV, A local Canadian tv station, by submitting a photo of the Guns N’ Roses frontman and the actor as “Max And Geraldine”, celebrating their golden anniversary.

I maintain this is not an insult. If anything it’s a testament to better plastic surgeons. Axl’s face has finally relaxed after some questionable procedures…he just looks slightly more feminine in this shot…and Mickey has worn a different “face” for the last 10+ years. At least he doesn’t resemble Jeff Goldblum as The Fly anymore. Let’s cheers to that.


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