Rick And Morty Star In RTJ’s “Oh Mama” Video *Spoiler: Rick Still Won’t Wipe The Schmutz Off His Mouth.

Source: Rollingstone

Run The Jewel’s got your favorite boozy scientist and his reluctant grandson all shined up for their latest video. They channel Tarantino in this full-scale alien annihilation and no snood-mouthed martian is safe.

Ps – What makes you more queasy: the snood-mouth or the permanent schmutz on Rick’s lip?

The Eels Are Gonna Hug Your Soul With “Today Is The Day”

After a 4 year pause, Mark Oliver Everett has returned with a new Eels album and a very happy track. If you listened to The Weekly Alternative Countdown and you’re trying to remember the songs that I referenced with an equal amount of happiness, Geggy Tah “Whoever You Are” and Yo La Tengo “Mr. Tough”.

Now you are properly armed with jubilation, dare you to dance down the street?? Cmon it’ll be fun. What’s the worst thing that will happen? Someone will give you a dirty look bc they wish they had the courage to dance down the street 🙂

Fans Hope To Be Adopted By Camila Cabello’s Family After Watching “Made In Miami” Life Doc.

Source: Billboard

The former Fifth Harmony singer shares her journey to Havana super stardom in the new youtube documentary but what really steals your heart is the love her family shares and the struggles they endured for a new life in America.

And if you too want to be adopted by The Cabellos, the line starts behind me. Kthanx.


Gods ‘Next’ Plan: Guillermo Follows Drake’s Lead To The Dollar Store With A Slightly Smaller Budget.

Source: Pitchfork

Drake gave away a million dollars in his video for “God’s Plan” and it rubbed some people the wrong way. Critics say it seems too self-serving. I’ve only listened to it a few times…is Drake saying he’s God? Genuinely asking. My first impression was that it seemed kinda weird how he’s singing all about himself and his problems, while the video is about charity… but given American morale right now, I’ll take any good deed, self-serving or not.

So when Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to The Dollar Store, I found it equally as inspiring!

I also shop at The Dollar Store so it makes the scenario of actually seeing Guillermo more relatable and I would be downright giddy

Ps – This guy is my favorite.


Liam Gallagher Endures An Elite Group Of Interview Assassins Disguised as “Cute Kids”

Source: Consequence of Sound

The Oasis singer hunkered down on a bean bag to engage a pint-sized press corps’ with a no holds barred, barrage of questions. “Rosy cheeks in the back”? She asks Liam about his anger management issues in the first five seconds and the interrogation spirals from there.

Watch and learn as these self-proclaimed “evil kids” finally take this ego to task with topics like post-show candy, his adversarial brother, Noel and favorite farts.



Source: Uproxx

Of course “The Birth Of Hip Hop” is a perfect story. Of course Questlove is a perfect person to narrate.


Any Drunk History fan knows the unwritten rules of the show.

1. There has to be AT LEAST one moment in when the narrator thinks they are going to puke.
2. One moment when they are incoherent.
3. One moment when there is some sort of wardrobe malfunction

THIS is the bar Quest…not the Trader Joe’s Prosecco aisle. smh.

Just In Case You Forgot, “Starman” Is Driving Around Space Right Now With Bowie On Blast.

Thx to Elon Musk, there is a convertible Tesla cruising around the cosmos with a “Starman” in the driver’s seat, “DON’T PANIC!” on the dash and “Life On Mars” on loop…

What if it signals life on other planets?? Perhaps they will hear it as a peace bell?? ….or maybe a dinner bell :/

Well…um either way it’s certainly interesting!

So uh…just remember, like the dash says, DON’T PANIC and keep your eye on the live view just in case…

This Lando Rap Spoof Begs For A Childish Gambino Concert At Mos Eisley Cantina.

Source: The Verge

WARNING: NSFW language!

Watch it before Disney pulls it…

I thought it was real too. or maybe I just wanted it to be but alas…it came from the brilliant mind of Comedian/Writer Demi Adejuyigbe. Demi does a spot on impression of Donald Glover’s rap persona, Childish Gambino circa his 2011, Camp album.

Glover will play the galaxy’s sexiest gambler, Lando Calrissian, in the upcoming installment, Solo: A Star Wars Story .

Here’s the equally impressive legit trailer.

ANNNND here are my Star Wars Stories, on the chance you haven’t heard these behind the scenes gems.

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